How to create a Sumokoin Wallet

To create Sumokoin wallet you have to synchronize Sumokoin blockchain , click here for synchronization.

When the synchronization is OK, you have to follow these steps :

  1. In the Sumokoin Hokkaido Release folder, you downloaded earlier, double click on the file (sumokoind), illustrated by the number 1 in the screeshot bellow.
    sumokoin wallet creation step 1
  2. Then double click on the file (sumo-wallet-cli) illustrated by the number 2 in the abover screenshot ; when the window is opened, enter you wallet name (for me : testwallet), as you can see in the screenshot bellow.
    sumokoin wallet creation step 2
  3. The program will check if the wallet you have chosen is available and has not been created before, then you enter the letter (Y) to confirm the creation of the new wallet.
    sumokoin wallet creation step 3
  4. Then you enter a password for your wallet, tap Enter , and confirm it again
    sumokoin wallet creation step 4
  5. Then choose a language, 6 languages are available, English spanish german italian portuguese russian and japanese, by entering the number of your language chosen and tap Enter.
    sumokoin wallet creation step 5
  6. Now the wallet is created as you can see on the screen below
    sumokoin wallet created

Some elements are very very important, and must be printed and conserved in a safe place in your home

  • Sumokoin address : to receive and send sumokoins.
  • View key :
  • Recovery words : used to reconver access to your wallet, in case your computer is stolen or lost.

Now to access you wallet at any time, you have just to launch sumokoin (number 1 in the first screenshot above) then you open sumo-wallet-cli (number 2 in the first screenshot).

Then enter you wallet name and tap Enter

And enter your password then tap Enter

and then you will see the address of your wallet, and your balance.

access sumokoin wallet

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