new logo for sumokoin

If you didn’t like the Sumokoin logo today is your day. The dev team decided to redesign the logo for the new coin in the crypto landscape «Sumokoin» and they’re asking for your opinion.

The dev shared on their facebook page a link to a  a google document which you can access “here“, where you can check  the cool ideas they come up with for the new logo with an explanation for each logo in terms of what it represents, and if you think they should change something in the desgin, you can even add your suggestions and remarks.

They have also set a page for you to vote for whatever logo (icon) you like the most, if you are interested and you want to vote for your favorite logo you can do that here “Vote“.

Hopefully this will a the beginning for the marketing compain for Sumokoin who is still to this day an unknown coin for a lot of people and it’s only being traded on one exchange, so a redesign of a logo may give this promising coin I good push to start becoming the rival for other coin such as Monero and LeviarCoin.

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