How to use “Easy Sumo Miner”

Few days ago the Sumokoin dev team has announced Easy Sumo Miner, a user-friendly miner with a beautiful UI, you can use it to mine all cryptonote-based coins such as Sumokoin of course and  Monero and Aeon. You’ll find in this article a general guide on how to use Easy Sumo Miner.

Easy Sumo Miner comes set up to mine Sumokoin from the official Sumokoin pool.

In the image below you can see the interface that you’ll see as soon as you lunch the Easy Sumo Miner, you can start mining from the START button, once you click on the start button it will ask you to add a wallet address to receive your payment to, in the same interface you can see your hashrate, your valid/invalid shares, the difficulty and you can control the number of threads you want to use to mine, under the action section you can make three actions which are view the log and hide the pool or edit the pool information.

sumokoin easy miner

if you  want to mine Sumokoin from another pool or mine some cryptonote-based coin you can do so by adding a pool from the ADD POOL button which open the window you see in the image below.

easy miner sumo

First of all you must choose the hashing algorithm according to the coin you want to mine, for example if you want to mine  Sumokoin or Monero you should set it to “Cryptonight” and if you want to mine Aeon you use set it to Cryptonight-light, so this option depends on what coin you want to mine.

For the pool name you should enter any name you want to help you recognize the pool on the software interface, URL port you should get it from the pool you want to mine from, it looks something like this “”, next you will need to enter a wallet address so you can receive your payments in that wallet and it is recommended to use desktop wallets rather than online wallets or exchange wallets, the password is something that depends on the pool you mine in if the password is required, then you must enter it. That’s all next you hit OK and the pool will appear under the Sumokoin pool, you can’t delete the sumokoin official pool in the interface but you can hide it though.

If you sit find difficulties using the software or adding pools here is a video tutorial that explains everything step-by-step.

Video link : coming soon

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